Webinar about Crisis Communication

As part of the project “Capacity Building for the European Green Deal according to the Measures of the Local Community”, a webinar “Crisis Communication” was held on March 20, 2023, in Zoom, which was organized for civil society organizations, especially charity organizations and associations for consumer and environmental protection, and active citizens.


The webinar was organized by the project beneficiary, Food Waste Prevention Centre – FWAPC (CEPOH), and project partners Centre for Consumer Education and Information, Croatia Red Cross – City Red Cross Society Osijek, project associates, and experts from the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food (HAPIH).


The participants of the webinar were informed about the basic characteristics of crisis situations and how to prepare for them. They also elaborated on strategic planning before a crisis, communication during a crisis, activities after a crisis, and crisis communication in practice. A manual for crisis communication, created within the project, was distributed to all the participants.


The webinar gathered around 40 participants, mainly from civil society organizations that want to strengthen their capacities in the field of crisis communication and better deal with crisis situations. After the introductory presentation of the president of the Food Waste Prevention Centre – FWAPC (CEPOH), Branka Ilakovac, under the topic “Preparation for Crisis and Crisis Communication”, the assistant director of the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food (HAPIH), Sara Mikrut, who is also an expert for crisis communication in the field of food safety, presented crisis communication in practice. The president of the Centre for Consumer Education and Information, Tanja Popović Filipović moderated the debate among participants that highlighted the importance of elaborated topics in their daily operations, particularly because many organizations do not have the possibility to educate themselves, whereas communication today is an important segment in the work of every organization. It was concluded that the webinar additionally strengthened their capacities in the field of crisis communication. The manual for crisis communication, distributed to them during the webinar, will serve as a valuable tool in their operations.