Webinar “Let’s Reduce Food Waste in Crisis Situations“

As part of the project “Capacity Building for the European Green Deal according to the Measures of the Local Community”, a webinar “Let’s Reduce Food Waste in Crisis Situations” was held on April 17, 2023, in Zoom, which was organized for civil society organizations, especially charity organizations and associations for consumer and environmental protection, and active citizens.


The webinar gathered about 20 participants from civil society organizations that want to build their capacities in projects dealing with food donation and transfer knowledge to colleagues and volunteers, but also to implement this knowledge in their work with end-users.


The webinar served as an education for skill multiplicators and was organized by the project beneficiary, Food Waste Prevention Centre – FWAPC (CEPOH), and project partners Centre for Consumer Education and Information and Croatia Red Cross – City Red Cross Society Osijek.


In the introductory part, the president of the Food Waste Prevention Centre – FWAPC (CEPOH), Branka Ilakovac, presented all the project activities and two manuals created within the project – Manual for Food Donation in Crisis Situations and Manual for Crisis Communication. The president of the Centre for Consumer Education and Information, Tanja Popović Filipović presented skill building for activity implementation in civil society organizations related to food waste reduction. The education covered all of the project phases, starting from the point of meeting the target groups, creating suitable messages for them, managing the public, selecting suitable tools for achieving project goals to implementing evaluation activities in the phase of project completion.


During the debate, the webinar participants shared their experiences related to the implementation of similar project activities. They also emphasized that this education additionally strengthened their capacities.